In order to send review requests, you'll need to link Review Sites to your Get More Reviews account.

To link Review Sites, click into the Review Sites section of your dashboard, and click the "+" icon to add a new site:

Start typing the name of the review site you'd like to add, for example "Google", "Facebook", "Tripadvisor", etc. Select the site from the drop-down and click "Add Review Site":

Follow the review site instructions to add the "suffix" - the last part of the review site URL. You only need to enter the section of the URL instructed.

Review site links can be added as Review Targets or Other Review Sites.

Review Targets are included/displayed in your review requests sent via email and/or text message. Any Review Site listed under the Review Targets section will appear as an option where customers can click to leave a review when they receive a review request.

Other Review Sites are connected for monitoring only. If eligible for monitoring, the system will check these sites for new reviews so you can be alerted, but sites in the Other Review Sites section do not appear in review requests.

Don't see a review site in the list? We can add custom review sites for review targets! (Custom review sites are not eligible for review monitoring). Contact support at for help adding a custom review site link.

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