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Get More Reviews & HIPAA compliance
Get More Reviews & HIPAA compliance

For doctors, dentists, and other healthcare providers, learn how the Get More Reviews platform addresses HIPAA concerns.

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Get More Reviews’ Terms of Service contains a Business Associate Agreement which covers those businesses who may be subject to HIPAA requirements.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule regulates the use and disclosure of Protected Health Information (PHI) by medical service providers, among others. Like many user-operated online services, our platform gives you the tools for uploading, gathering and publishing information, and such tools can be used in both compliant and non-compliant ways. Healthcare providers should adopt practices that do not compromise their obligations with respect to PHI under HIPAA.

Many uses of our platform do not involve disclosure or use of “protected health information” (PHI), defined as personally-identifiable information about a patient’s health. Patients who willingly write reviews for public consumption, either on our platform or via third-party review publishers such as Google and Facebook, agree to make that information public or license it with an attribution that they themselves define.

In cases where PHI may come into play, reasonable safeguards are taken such as encrypting sensitive information and making it available to you only under gated, password-protected access through an encrypted connection, consistent with HIPAA and other privacy regulations.

Of course, since users have extensive freedom to use our tools as they wish–including providing others access to their accounts–users are ultimately responsible for maintaining good security policies and the patient privacy mandate.

Suggested best practices include:

  1. When entering recipients into the platform, enter in only first name (or last initial only)

  2. Ensure your existing privacy policy contains language around how you communicate with patients (ex. via email and/or text message)

  3. Protect your password/log-in information and do not provide to anyone without authorized access


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