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Send Review Requests from your Phone Using the Opt In Link
Send Review Requests from your Phone Using the Opt In Link
Use the Opt In Link to quickly and easily send review requests on the go without logging in to the dashboard.
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You can easily send review requests from a mobile device without logging in to the full Get More Reviews dashboard. This is useful for business owners who don't see customers at one central location, or who have staff members that interact with customers on location (for example, home services businesses who send technicians out to customers' homes). 

To send a review request from a mobile device, use your Opt In URL:

You can find your Opt In link inside the dashboard under My Location in your navigation menu:

Click to copy your Opt In URL, then you can email it to yourself to open on any device:

Simply open your Opt-in Form link on your mobile device to send out review requests. 

To get your link on your phone, you can copy/paste your link from your dashboard into an email to yourself, and open on your phone. Alternately you can simply type the link into your phone's internet browser.

The Opt-In Form is a mobile-friendly web link. Once the form is open on your phone or tablet, simply type in the recipient's name, email, and/or phone number and click the "Send Me a Request" button to immediately send the review request.

To save the link for easy access in the future, either add it as a bookmark in your internet browser, or save it to the home screen of your phone:

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