When you add contacts to the There are a few possible reasons a contact could remain "In Queue" without sending right away:

Data is Processing, or Refreshing your Dashboard View

First, it could be that the data is processing and your view simply hasn't refreshed! You can refresh your browser or click the "Update View" button to ensure you are seeing the latest data:

If you added contacts via a Bulk Upload, please allow 30-60 minutes for processing/sending

Campaign Settings Mean your Contacts Can't Be Sent Immediately

Second, it could be because of Campaign settings. The two most likely settings affecting contact sending here are the daily send limit, or the sending hours:

For example, if your daily send quota is set to "3", and you add/upload 10 contacts - only 3 would send, and 7 would remain in queue until the following day, when another 3 could send.

Or if you have campaigns only set to send between 9am and 5pm, but add a contact at 8:30am - it would remain in queue until the sending can begin!

Lastly, make sure you have published your campaign after making changes, so the changes will be in effect for future contacts. If your campaign is in "Draft" status, it means you may have made changes to settings or content that aren't published for new contacts added.

Make sure to click to "Publish" your campaign (it will then say Status: Running) to ensure all current settings are live!

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