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How to Send Review Requests via Email and/or Text Message
How to Send Review Requests via Email and/or Text Message

Learn about the 4 ways you can send review requests - quick send, bulk send, automate with Zapier, or use the opt-in form link.

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In order to send review requests out to your customers, you'll need to get your customer's contact information into the dashboard. There are 4 ways that contacts can easily be added to the app:

1. Quick Send

Quick send is used to manually enter a customer's contact information into the app to send out a review request. You can quick send from two places inside the app:

  • Click the Send button in the header of the app from any page

  • Or click the Send item under Review Requests in the navigation menu

Then, simply enter in your contact's details (Name, Email and/or Phone) to send the review request.

Note: The review request will be sent by email and/or text message, depending on the contact details you enter. If you enter both an email and a phone number, the system will send both the email and text message review requests.

2. Bulk Send

Use Bulk Send to upload a csv file with multiple contacts at once. Your file should contain columns for first name, last name, email, and/or phone number. Only 1 of email and/or phone number is required for upload.

3. Automate Sending with Zapier

Zapier is a third-party app that connects software systems. If you use a system to manage your customer data that is Zapier-compatible, you can connect it with our app to automate the sending of review requests.

For a more detailed overview of our Zapier integration and how to set up, check out our complete Zapier Integration Guide here

4. Use the Opt-In Form to Send From Anywhere

You can use the standalone opt-in form to send a review request from any device, whether logged in to the app or not.

Click the Opt-in Form option in the menu to be linked to the opt-in form for your location in a new tab.

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