Watch the following videos to learn about the most important features of the GetMoreReviews tool.

Dashboard Tour

A walkthrough of where to find the top features of the Get More Reviews dashboard (5 min)

Adding Review Sites (Targets)

How to add review sites to a location, and the difference between Review Targets and Other Review Sites.

Adding Contacts & Sending Review Requests

Learn how to add customer contact information and send out review requests

Send Review Requests Without Being Logged InĀ 

View/Manage Contacts

View your Contacts and see what actions they have taken

Campaigns Settings Overview

See what campaign settings are available and how to edit them.

Edit Content of Email and/or SMS Review Requests

Customize the content of your email and/or text message review requests.

Review Widgets

Learn how to customize your reviews widget - a live feed of your best reviews that you can add to your website.

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