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How do I get more Google reviews using Easy Google Reviews?
How do I get more Google reviews using Easy Google Reviews?

Easy Google Reviews is a Get More Reviews feature that allows you to collect Google reviews directly from your review requests.

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Get More Reviews has partnered with Google to make the process of collecting Google reviews easier and faster! This feature allows customers to write a review on Google without leaving your Get More Reviews review request page.

To learn more about Easy Google Reviews and how to make sure it is enabled in your account, watch this video or read below:

What is Easy Google Reviews?

Usually when you send out a review request to your customers to write a review on Google, the customer is redirected from the review request to the Google search page where the ‘Write a Review’ box pops-up allowing the customer to write a review. Although these events happen relatively quickly, the customer is still redirected to another screen to write the review.

With Easy Google Reviews, the pop-up to write a Google review opens right on the review request page, and once your customer submits the review it is auto-posted on Google. This is a much faster and easier review process!

Here is what the regular Google review flow looks like:

​And this is the flow with Easy Google Reviews (notice that the Google review box loads on the exact same page):

How to enable Easy Google Reviews

Easy Google Reviews is automatically enabled if sentiment checking is turned off in your Get More Reviews account. Due to Google restrictions, Easy Google Reviews can't be used in conjunction with the Sentiment Check flow enabled.

To enable Easy Google Reviews, you must disable Sentiment Checking if it is on in your account. Sentiment Checking can be disabled under Campaigns:

Once Sentiment Check is disabled, click the button in the upper right to re-Publish your campaign:

That's it! Once sentiment check is disabled, Easy Google Reviews will automatically be shown in your review requests.

**Note that if you opt to keep Sentiment Check enabled, you can still collect Google reviews! Customers will simply be redirected off to Google as in the regular/old Google flow.

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