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View Contact Activity History
View Contact Activity History

Track recipient activity to see what action(s) your customers have taken on the review requests they've received.

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As you begin to send review requests, you may want to see what action your contacts have taken on the requests they've received.

To view contact activity history, click to Contacts in your dashboard. Then, click on a contact row to expand the activity history:

Once expanded, you'll be able to see the activity history for that contact:

  • Sent Review Request: Date initial review request was sent

  • Sent Reminder 1/2/3/etc: Date review reminders were sent (if applicable)

  • Opened Request: Request was opened by recipient

  • Opened Landing: Contact clicked to landing page from email and/or text message

  • Clicked on Review: Contact clicked on a review site button on the landing page

  • Clicked on Feedback: Contact clicked on private feedback button on the landing page

  • Left Feedback: Contact submitted private feedback form

  • Left Unsubscribed: Contact unsubscribed from campaign

You can toggle between the Email Campaign activity and/or the Text Message Campaign activity using the Email/SMS dropdown:

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